YOU DON'T THINK SHE IS - softcover book SIGNED by the author

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SIGNED print edition of Max Harrick Shenk's novel YOU DON'T THINK SHE IS.

"You Don’t Think She Is by Max Harrick Shenk reveals a brilliantly composed coming-of-age novel… The short chapters speak volumes about the notion of first love, the workings of puberty, and the understanding of a blossoming sexuality …(and) give the reader a keen insight into each of the character’s youthful thoughts and ideas… Shenk’s book will take any reader back in time to their emotions and explorations during middle school. It is reminder of the innocence of youth and the burgeoning feelings of desire." –Kathy Buckert, author and English instructor

When Brian Pressley met Margo LeDoux on the first day of second grade at John Reynolds Elementary School, August 1967, he felt like "we'd been best friends before, and we'd agreed to meet each other again someday, only we'd forgotten, and now, there we were. There she was." And then there was Christy Kelly, a senator's daughter, a cute blonde neighborhood girl who had a crush on Brian... ...except... "Margo was my best friend. I felt like it had already been decided for us. I always knew where I stood with Margo. Christy (and other girls) somehow seemed to be hiding something, or making some joke I wasn't privy to, but when Margo said 'Hi,' I didn't find myself wondering what she was really saying. "I liked Margo, and I trusted her. I didn't know if I liked Christy. "I something'd Christy, but I had no idea what that 'something' was. "Yet." YOU DON'T THINK SHE IS tells the story of how Brian, Margo and Christy grew up to become friends, and something more... or less, depending on your perspective.

"Intensely imagined and beautifully written, You Don’t Think She Is follows Brian and the two loves of his young life, Margo and Christy, from childhood into puberty. Brian is a decent kid; inhibited, horny, confused – and in love. His best friend Margo may be the coolest girl ever; uninhibited, athletic, mature beyond her years. Margo’s good friend Christy likes Brian, Brian likes Christy, Margo tries to bring them together, but...The result is a wonderfully convoluted, just-go-ahead-and-kiss-her coming-of-age story." - Greg Comer (Amazon reader review)

Softcover, 6"x9", 369 pages. Signed by the author.

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