ROUGHLY SIX HUNDRED WORDS: Seven unpublished newspaper columns

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This is a 28 page PDF e-book collecting seven unpublished 2013 self-syndicated newspaper columns by writer Max Harrick Shenk.

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About the book (from the introduction):

In fall 2013, I discovered a book called The Do-It-Yourselfer's Guide to Self-Syndication: Using Secrets, Shortcuts, Strategies & Psychology to Get Your Column in Print by Jill Pertler. As a novelist who'd just published my first novel (Meeting Dennis Wilson) but also as a writer who'd worked at several newspapers in different capacities, I wanted to break through to make my living as a writer. Pertler's book gave me moral support and great practical advice.

I started the creative work of writing the column--taking notes, then roughing out a draft, and paring that draft down to roughly six hundred words, which seemed a nice length for a newspaper column. At the same time, I went online and made a list of potential markets (several hundred different daily and weekly newspapers in cities across the USA). When I had three or four columns written, I started submitting them via email... and...

In spite of creating some tight, focused pieces that were worthy of publication, for reasons I will detail elsewhere, it didn't work. After seven columns written and submitted without so much as a nibble, I abandoned the project.

I'd forgotten about those seven columns until recently, when one of them reappeared, as a "note" in my Facebook memories.

"This isn't bad," I thought as I read it, and then I went back into my archives (writing so old that I keep it stored on the cloud) and I read the rest of the columns.

"These aren't bad, either," I concluded.

I didn't want to dive in and try selling this column again, but I felt, at least, that the writing was worth putting out there, and so that's what this short e-book collection is: seven six-hundred word (more or less) newspaper-ready columns.

Of course, I was correct that these were worthy of publication and readership.

I just had to take on the task myself.

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