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"I love Margo LeDoux. I always have and I always will. I loved her, really, from the moment I set eyes on her: Tuesday morning, August 28, 1967, in Miss Peterson’s second grade class, General John F. Reynolds Elementary School, Quaker Valley, PA..."

From the author:

In my Quaker Valley storyline, this is the first installment.

A prequel to my coming-of-age novels You Don't Think She Is and Meeting Dennis Wilson, Meeting Margo tells the story of how seven-year-old Brian Pressley met and became best friends with Quebecoise tomboy Margo LeDoux.

My published novels evolved from a sprawling multi-binder mass of prose which I've both alluded to in those books and mined for short stories. In re-reading that work, I thought "You know, this isn't BAD..." At the same time, readers of You Don't Think She Is and Meeting Dennis Wilson kept telling me that they "missed the characters" and wanted more. So here's more!

Meeting Margo was published as a Kindle edition in February 2017. For the PRINT edition (published via Amazon Createspace), I have added a second novella, Margo Moves In. Together, the two novellas carry the reader and the plot to the beginning of my novel You Don't Think She Is.

This exclusive e-book is identical to the print edition and will be the only e-book edition of Margo Moves In.

This PDF e-book edition is readable on any device without loss of formatting.