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This PDF Ebook collection of quotes and passages from the public domain works of metaphysical teacher Neville Goddard constitutes an introduction to Neville's teachings, a handy collection of his most striking metaphysical ideas, and a record of the editor's awakening through his discovery.

From the introduction:
When I discovered Neville Goddard’s work, I started reading transcripts of his lectures voraciously. As I read, I copied passages that resonated into my journal. After about a year of doing this, I realized that those passages, if assembled, could constitute an introduction to Neville’s teachings. More than that, assembled in the order that I’d discovered and copied them, they seemed to form a coherent and evolutionary picture of how my understanding of Neville’s teachings, and of the Law and the Promise, deepened over the course of a year.
I realized that my evolutionary understanding might parallel the understanding that others reached about Neville’s teachings, and that a collection of the excerpts I’d transcribed could form a coherent and valuable introduction to Neville Goddard and his teachings.
That’s what Neville From My Notebook is: my gleanings from Neville’s works, transcribed and gathered over the course of a year of spiritual awakening. Except for the short article “Fundamentals” (which opens this book) and a transcription of his lecture “The First Principle” (which closes this book), I’ve presented these gleanings in the order in which I copied them into my journal the past year.
I’m hoping that this collection will prove useful to you in your awakening to yourself as the being you really are.

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