"MY FIRST, MY LAST, MY ONLY CIGARETTE" - Short story - PDF e-book

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This PDF ebook is an epistolary short story excerpted from Max Harrick Shenk's coming-of-age novel You Don't Think She Is.

"...Christy + me leave the game to go hit the head and I go into my stall + when I look down at the toilet paper thing, low and behold there is a full pack of CIGGARRETTES just sitting there!!! Open + with a couple missing but full mostly. And with matches stuck in the selafane wrapper..."

WARNING!! Please note that, in this epistolary text, spelling, grammar, punctuation and other errors have not been ignored, but have, in fact, been utilized intentionally to create a literary effect. I was going to say that “the author is not an idiot,” but I will leave such conclusions to the reader. ~ The Author

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