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"If you are with us for the first time, this is what we believe and teach here: we firmly believe that you, the individual, can realize your every dream, and the reason is that God and man are one. We believe that the difference is not in the mentality with which we operate, but only in the degrees of intensity of the operant power itself, and that we call 'human imagination.'"

Neville Goddard, from his lecture "The Art of Dying"

Presenting my second e-book collection of Neville Goddard quotes and lecture transcripts: More Neville From My Notebook.

This book features quotes gleaned from Neville's lectures and books, as well as transcripts of three lectures which (I'm pretty sure) were not transcribed until now.

From the book's introduction:

I discovered the teachings of mystic Neville Goddard in 2015.

Neville Goddard simplified metaphysical practice into two components: what he called “the law” and “the promise.” The Law is that God, as he said, is “your own wonderful human imagination.” Therefore, all activity and reality is created by what we imagine, what we feel as real. The Promise is the awakening of Christ within man. The two components are intertwined. A person exercises the Law to prove to himself that his imagination is, indeed, God, and through that proof, he awakens Christ within himself and realizes the Promise.

Nearly from the moment I started reading and listening to Neville’s works (mainly through his lectures and through six short books gathered in a collection called The Neville Reader), I copied favorite passages from those works into my journal.

I assembled and published that first collection, Neville From My Notebook, in summer 2016, but I didn’t stop copying favorite passages from Neville’s works. In fact, I even took it a step further and transcribed several complete lectures. As far as I know, those lectures have not been transcribed before (if they have, they are not, at this point, anywhere online). Those lectures close this volume.

Less than a year later, I’ve gathered enough material for another book, and that’s what More Neville From My Notebook is.

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