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PDF e-book edition of Book Two of my serialized novel Meeting Dennis Wilson.

In book one of Meeting Dennis Wilson, we met the characters:

16-year-old Margo LeDoux, who has a crush on Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson, and who decides that she’s going to try to meet him...

...the narrator, Brian Pressley, Margo’s best friend, and his girlfriend, Christy Kelly, who decide they don’t want to go ALL the way, but just “some of the way”...

...and Margo’s boyfriend Scott, who declares that Margo “better not send” a letter to Dennis Wilson “or else.”

(“Or else what, Scott? What?”)

In Meeting Dennis Wilson Book Two, the plot thickens as we meet...

...Margo’s softball catcher Tara Longbaugh, whose nickname around school is “Tara Fawcett-Majors,” and who hangs around Margo like a puppy dog...

...Brian’s best friend Marty Morone, a shy kid who’s obsessed with the Beatles and has a crush on Margo...

...and Kathy Kelly, Christy’s 18-year-old sister, who’s got a bad case of senioritis and a boyfriend whom she can’t decide whether to take to the prom or never ever see again.

As Margo asked in book one, “Brian, how do we put UP with all these people?”

Find out in Meeting Dennis Wilson Book Two.

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