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This is a PDF ebook edition of Book Six of the serialized novel Meeting Dennis Wilson by Max Harrick Shenk.

15-year-old Margo LeDoux has a crush on Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson, but her boyfriend Scott doesn’t want her to meet him... meanwhile, Margo’s catcher (Tara Longbaugh) has a crush of her own: on the (very) uninterested Margo!
Then there’s our narrator (Brian Pressley) and his girlfriend Christy Kelly: they’re “taking steps” toward going all the way, steps that get nterrupted when Christy and her big sister Kathy make a trip to DC to see their dad, U.S. Senator Tom Kelly... which gets the girls grounded with the prom coming up. Christy tries to sweettalk her mom into letting her go anyway, but when she loses her bra in a rainy makeout session with Brian, she just gets FURTHER grounded!
Meanwhile, Margo gets a letter and a record in the mail from Dennis Wilson (“He wrote ‘Love Dennis Wilson’ on the label. LOVE, Bri!! LOVE!!”) and not only beats her archrival Tammy Montgomery in the District softball tourney, but introduces Tammy to Brian and invites her to a team cookout after the game!
“His girlfriend’s GROUNDED, Tammy!” Margo calls after her.
“Why’d you tell her that?” Brian asks.
“Ahhhh, she won’t come,” Margo says.
Does Tammy come to the cookout? Who goes home with whom when the coals cool? And who comes late to the party with not one, but two pieces of bad news?
The answers are in Book Six of Meeting Dennis Wilson.

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