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This is a PDF e-book edition of Book Seven of the serialized novel Meeting Dennis Wilson by Max Harrick Shenk.

15-year-old softball pitcher (and Beach Boys fan) Margo LeDoux has a crush on Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson, and wants to meet him. Her boyfriend Scott doesn’t like the idea, but Margo sends Denny a letter anyway, and when she finally gets an autographed record back from her heartthrob (“He wrote ‘Love Dennis Wilson’ on the label. LOVE!”) she also finally gets up the nerve to break up with Scott, who, it appears, is getting a little too close with his neighbor and best friend, Annie.
Meanwhile, Margo’s friend (and our narrator) Brian Pressley and his grlfriend, Christy Kelly, are trying to arrange a “meeting” of their own. They’re taking steps toward going all the way, steps that get interrupted when Christy takes off on an unplanned trip to DC with her big sister Kathy. The girls get grounded with the prom coming up, but Kathy’s got bigger problems: she’s apparently pregnant. This doesn’t stop Christy from asking Brian if they can set a date to go all the way: June 18th, her birthday.
Margo’s catcher, Tara, and Brian’s buddy Marty are also neighbors and friends, both of whom have always had crushes on Margo. When Margo invites her archrival pitcher Tammy to a softball team cookout, Tara spends the evening sitting by the fire talking to her.
“It’s a good thing they didn’t meet before the playoffs,” Margo says. “Tara might’ve thrown the game.”
Now it’s prom weekend. Who’s meeting whom? Where? When? How? And why?
The answers are in Book Seven of Meeting Dennis Wilson, the final installment in this series.

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