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PDF e-book edition of Book Four of the serialized novel Meeting Dennis Wilson by Max Harrick Shenk.

In the first three books of Meeting Dennis Wilson, we meet the characters: 16-year-old Margo LeDoux, who has a crush on Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson, and who decides that she’s going to try to meet him... the narrator, Brian Pressley, Margo’s best friend, and his girlfriend, Christy Kelly, who decide they don’t want to go ALL the way, but just “some of the way”... Margo’s boyfriend Scott, who declares that Margo “better not send” a letter to Dennis Wilson “or else.” (“Or else what, Scott? What?”)... Margo’s catcher Tara Longbaugh, who might have a connection that can get Margo closer to Denny... Marty Morone, Brian’s best guy friend, who has a Margo crush and a Beatles obsession... and Christy’s big sister Kathy, whose romance with Marty’s brother Davy has cooled considerably.
So what happens when Christy and Kathy get back from their trip to Washington? Was Christy really mad at Brian, or was it all in his imagination? What does Scott’s best friend Annie think of the way he’s treating Margo... and what does she think of Brian? Who finally confesses their longtime crush to Margo? What does Margo say in response? And how could her reaction not only hurt her chances at a softball championship, but at her chances of Meeting Dennis Wilson?
The answers (and more questions, of course!) are between the covers of BOOK FOUR...

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