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This is a PDF e-book of EVA KELLY'S BOOK OF BOOK REVIEWS, a collection of over 120 children's book reviews written by avid five-year-old reader Eva Kelly, with help from Max Harrick Shenk (author of the novels YOU DON'T THINK SHE IS and MEETING DENNIS WILSON).

Each book review has a descriptive blurb from the publisher and a picture of the book cover along with Eva's thoughts. A great resource for book lovers and a gentle piece of satire.

EVA SAYS... So this girl Eva lives in Vermont. And she really likes reading. And she likes BOOKS too, which is two different things, kind of.
Anyway her mama, who's this girl named Maura, marries this OTHER girl named Tanya, and Tanya's gonna have a baby, so she's sitting around all bored waiting for the baby, and this girl Eva is reading anyway, so Tanya says "Why don't I talk to Eva about all these books and then put them on the internet?" So they sit down and talk about books about forty times a week, and then Tanya types it into the internet and you know what? They make a book out of it!

And here it is! And it's a pretty good one. I mean, if you like good books, you might get some ideas here. If you like stupid books, or books about fake bears, or baby books, or fact books that don't give you enough facts, or comic books, then maybe this one isn't gonna help you. But there's plenty of other books like those ones.
You know what the secret is? It's like it's two books in one. It's sort of a book about books, and a book about that girl Eva. That makes sense, because the guy who helped with it (Max Harrick Shenk) writes NOVELS. So he knows his stuff.
Anyway, I think this is a really really good one. It's almost like I wrote it myself. HA! SIX stars!!!
What's "satire"?

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