COLLOQUIUM - Further Interviews with a Porn Star (PDF E-book)

Porn Star Rebecca Christy (aka Christy Kelly) on...

* The division between her "real life" and "porn life": "I have this thing that kicks in whenever I appear anyplace as Rebecca... what I call 'Rebecca brain.' Rebecca has never really done anything like this at the college per se... that's always been Christy who does that. You know... the faculty wife, the grad student, whatever. So sitting here right now, I'm kind of mentally torn between the Christy way of thinking, where I'm kind of shy and guarded about anything like this, and Rebecca Brain, which is thinking I'm not showing enough of my boobs."

* How she reacted the first time she saw herself on a magazine cover: "I stopped at this 7-11, and as I'm standing there at the counter waiting to check out, I happen to glance at the rack of porn behind the counter and right there on the top shelf was the new issue of COED Magazine with my face big right on the cover. And I just... I felt a little weak-kneed at first, and like 'Holy... CRAP!' As if it had never really occurred to me that from all those shoots I'd done, one of them might actually get published and printed on the front of a magazine that I might see for sale."

* Whether she considers herself a feminist: “I never do or don't do anything because I'm a woman. I do things because I want to. I never tell myself, ‘Well, I'm a woman, a woman shouldn't do that. Well, I'm a woman, a woman should do this.’ You know? It's never a reason for me to do or not do anything.”

* The connection between porn and "rape culture": "Societally, and in pop culture in particular, I think there are bigger problems than the overt sex in porn. Did all these people who voted for Donald Trump knowing he said that about grabbing a woman's pussy and they were still perfectly all right with him becoming President... did THEY all get their attitudes about how to treat women from porn? Well, then where did they get it? Blaming porn for that is too easy. Porn is sexual entertainment and it doesn't pretend to be anything else. If you really want to tackle this sort of thing, widen your focus."

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About the author:

Author Max Harrick Shenk's fiction follows a core group of characters from their childhoods in mid-60s central Pennsylvania through high school and adulthood. In “Colloquium,” the second book of "Interviews with a Porn Star," Christy Kelly, aka Rebecca Christy, discusses her adult entertainment career in a question-and-answer session at a local college. Funny and erotic and provocative, “Colloquium” is raw material for Shenk’s work-in-progress, the novel “Rebecca: An Oral History of a Former Porn Star.”

Max Harrick Shenk’s previous works featuring Christy include the YA novels “You Don’t Think She Is” and “Meeting Dennis Wilson,” the first volume of “Interviews With A Porn Star,” and several other short works in both print and Kindle formats.


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